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Oyster Shipment Logbook

Biosecurity requirements are currently in place in NSW to manage biosecurity risks posed by shipping cultivated oysters and related infrastructure between NSW estuaries. As part of these controls, all oyster aquaculture permit holders must notify NSW DPI of any planned shipments of oyster and oyster infrastructure (cultivation and catching equipment, vessels etc.) between estuaries and record the movement in an approved form of the oyster shipment logbook. An online oyster shipment form is now available through the NSW DPI Shellfish App to meet this requirement.

The NSW DPI Shellfish App Oyster Shipment form  allows farmers to check if their shipments comply with movement controls prior to submission. Compliant movements are recorded in the NSW DPI Shellfish App with a unique shipment number, and a copy of the form and shipment number is sent to the submitting aquaculture permit holder via email. NSW DPI are notified of the intended shipment on submission and may arrange an inspection of the shipment if deemed necessary.

Reporting all inter-estuary movements makes it easier to trace oyster and infrastructure movements in the event of a biosecurity outbreak and must be completed for all movements out of NSW estuaries.

What you need

  • a NSW DPI Shellfish App log in – instructions have been mailed to all Aquaculture permit holders.
  • your aquaculture permit number
  • source lease number or estuary
  • lease number of the permit destination or receiving permit holder name and destination estuary
  • description of shipment including type (infrastructure/stock/spat), stock quantity (dozens) and details of any stock culling or infrastructure cleaning and treatment.

When to submit

Oyster farmers can submit details of their intended shipments up to 2 weeks prior to shipping through the online Oyster Shipment form in the NSW DPI Shellfish App.

Records must also meet the minimum time frame requirements dependent on estuary risk: not less than 2 hours before shipment for any source estuary with no known risks, and not less than 48 hours before shipment for those source estuaries with a known biosecurity risk.

How to submit

To report online:

  1. Have all your details ready for reporting.
  2. Click on the Submit Online button below.
  3. Register or log in to your NSW DPI Shellfish App account.
  4. Select Add New Shipment on the dashboard.
  5. Follow the prompts to add your shipment record.

See the User Guide - Oyster Shipment Notifications via the DPI Shellfish App for step by step instructions on how to register and submit.

When you submit your record, the system will validate that the shipment meets all legislated biosecurity requirements. If successful, you will receive on screen confirmation with a shipment number.

A PDF copy of your submitted form will be sent to your registered email address. Retain this form and shipment number as part of your logbook records. The form will automatically be submitted to NSW DPI at the same time, there is no need to separately notify of the intended shipment.

If you are unable to notify online, you can still notify by completing the paper Oyster Shipment Logbook provided you first call or visit your local Fisheries Office to notify of intended shipment, the white paper copy accompanies the shipment, and the blue copy is returned to NSW DPI within 5 days of the end of the month.

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