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Accreditation & Licencing

Accreditation as an Animal Research Establishment

Corporations which use animals in research and teaching in NSW must apply for Accreditation as Animal Research Establishments, under the Animal Research Act 1985 (the Act).

Establishments cannot be Accredited without a properly constituted Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) to approve and oversee the animal research carried out by the establishment.

Researchers cannot undertake procedures where animals are used without the approval of the establishment’s AEC.

Licence as an Animal Supplier

Under the Animal Research Act 1985 an Animal Supply Licence is required to supply animals (other than exempt animals) for use in research and teaching.

The term “supply” in the Act encompasses obtaining, breeding, nurturing and keeping animals for the purpose of them being supplied for use in connection with animal research.

A licence is not required to supply “exempt animals”. Animals that are exempt from the animal supply requirements are:

  • livestock: sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry, horses and goats
  • animals that are in the wild
  • animals that fit criteria described in Schedule 3 of the Animal Research Regulation 2021.

An Animal Supplier's Licence is required for the obtaining, breeding and keeping of all other animals for the purpose of them being supplied for use in animal research.

Non-exempt animals may only be obtained from a Licensed Animal Supplier.

Special conditions relate to the supply of dogs and cats (PDF, 182.6 KB) for use in research.

Each Licensed Animal Supplier is required to appoint an Animal Ethics Committee to supervise their animal supply activities.

See AEC supervision of obtaining, breeding, keeping and supplying animals (PDF, 421.75 KB).

Accreditation and Animal Supply Licence application procedures

Applicants for Accreditation and Animal Supply Licence must complete Form R (DOC, 561.5 KB) and return it to NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Accreditation application fees reflect the size of the establishment, based on the number of animal researchers at the establishment (holders or proposed holders of Animal Research Authorities). The fees range from $350 to $2000.

Accreditation is initially for one year; then for three years for renewal applications.

Animal Supply Licence application fees are $300.

Animal Supply Licences are granted for a period up to three years.

Applications are assessed by staff of NSW Department of Primary Industries based on criteria developed by the Animal Research Review Panel (PDF, 86.64 KB). As a result of this assessment, further information may be sought from the applicant.

Recommendations on the applications are made to the Animal Research Review Panel. The Panel considers these recommendations and advises the delegate of the Secretary, NSW Department of Industry, on whether applications should be approved and on what conditions.

The delegate of the Secretary considers the Panel's recommendations and makes a determination on the applications.

Applicants are advised in writing of the outcome, including any conditions placed on the Accreditation or Animal Supply Licence.