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NSW Animal Use in Research Statistics

Accredited Animal Research Establishments (other than schools) must submit information to NSW Department of Primary Industries on the use of animals in research and teaching annually.

The requirements for reporting on animal use provide data on the numbers of animals used in all research projects in NSW, reported against the purpose of the research and the types of procedures in which they were involved. The aim of collecting these statistics is to give some indication of the level of ‘invasiveness’ of the procedures on the animals and to provide data on the use of animals in research and teaching.

Aspects of the system include the recording of:

  • an animal in all projects in which the animal is used,
  • animals for each year in which they are held in long-term projects,
  • the types of procedures used (giving an indication of the impact of procedures) combined with the recording of the purpose of the research.

The categories used are based on those used on a national basis.

In addition to information on numbers of animals used, information is collected on initiatives in the areas of replacement, reduction and refinement of animal use.

The information is collated and published annually.

For reporting years prior to 2016 see Animal Research Review Panel annual reports.