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ARRP policies, guidelines & factsheets

ARRP Policies and guidelines

Policies and guidelines are developed by the Animal Research Review Panel (ARRP) and the Animal Welfare Unit to fill identified needs to assist researchers and teachers, members of Animal Ethics Committees and the management of scientific institutions to understand and comply with the requirements of the Animal Research Act, the Regulations and the Code of Practice.

Policies define how particular aspects of  legislation are interpreted. They set out the criteria and method of operation which must be met to meet legislative objectives.

Guidelines are more flexible documents as they establish principles to be adopted in undertaking specific activities and allow scope for interpretation and adaptation in the implementation of a course of action.

In the development of these documents input is sought from specialist interest groups; draft policies are widely circulated for public comment before final ratification.

Animal care

Animal supply

Animal rehoming

Collaborative research

Information for accredited establishments

Operation of animal ethics committees

Research procedures

Use of animals in teaching

Wildlife research

Training personnel

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ARRP fact sheets

The ARRP develops short fact sheets on topics related to the use of animals in research and teaching.