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Project 1: Clean energy solutions

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Program Logic


Identify sustainable and cost-effective energy supply options for primary industries.

Obtain evidence to inform and support reforms to energy policy in NSW which will enhance the adoption of these options.


Social research: Identify barriers/benefits to industry adoption of renewables.

Develop investment framework: Develop criteria that reflects CCF and DPI objectives to enable assessment of potential initiatives.

Select and fund initiatives: Select and fund initiatives that meet investment framework and can be resourced with the available funding.

Policy recommendations and industry information products: Synthesize policy recommendations for government and industry. Work with industry to create useful information products.


Short term

Benefit/barrier segments identified and understood.

Investment framework used to select initiatives.

Medium term

Evidence based recommendations to government for future energy programs and policy.

Industry has current, implementable solutions to reduce energy costs.

Long term

Adoption of optimal energy solutions and network configurations results in reduced energy costs for NSW primary industries.

Contact us

For more information about this project please email climatechangestrategy@dpi.nsw.gov.au