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PhD Students

DPI Climate research staff provide supervision and support to the following PhD students:

Philip Browning

Supervisor:  Dr Allen Benter

Research institution: Queensland University of Technology and the Food Agility CRC.

PhD title: A Data Value Chain Approach to the Problem of Data Sharing in Digital Agriculture - Who Controls and Benefits

Research summary: This research investigates the phenomenon of data sharing in digital agriculture from the perspective of the farmer. While the digitalisation of agriculture is promoted as a significant opportunity to increase sustainable food production, scholars also observe farmers have a lack of trust in and resistance towards the sharing of farm data. As key sources of data, farmer participation is an important factor in shaping the future of agri-food systems.

Yuan Gao

Supervisors: Dr Cathy Waters & Dr Annette Cowie

Research institution: University of South Australia

PhD title: Identifying cost-effective and beneficial greenhouse gas abatement opportunities for the agricultural sector in NSW

Douglas Lawton

Supervisor: Dr Cathy Waters

Research Institution: Arizona State University

PhD title: What causes a locust swarm: a hierarchical patch dynamics approach

Stuart Martin

Supervisor: Dr Cathy Waters

Research Institution: University of Technology Sydney

PhD title: Using technology to develop the indicators and accounting systems for agricultural enterprises to sustainably manage natural capital through transactions/actions with condition change