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Seasonal Conditions Monitoring Network

Published 28 November 2022

What is the DPI Seasonal Conditions Monitoring Network?

The NSW Government is committed to improving the resilience of our rural economy in the face of climate extremes. As part of the DRNSW Future Ready Regions program the NSW Department of Primary Industries is building a field-based Seasonal Conditions Monitoring Network that will consist of up to six highly instrumented sites in key locations that will gather meteorological and plant available water data.

Where is Stage 1 of the Seasonal Conditions Monitoring Network focused?

The Stage 1 expansion focuses on installing up to six new sites in several key regions. The Stage 1 expansion specifically targets the Western, Central West, South East and Hunter Local Land Services regions.

What are the benefits for landholders?

  • Improved insights on growing conditions with access to high grade digital networks for climate and soil moisture on your farm.
  • Instrumentation installed to the highest standard for free by Departmental professionals.
  • Work with DPI to build up a history of quality data about the impacts of climate on your pasture base and or cropping program.
  • Receive training in digital agriculture as well as 1:1 tuition in the design, installation and maintenance of your monitoring networks.

What are the commitments for landholders?

There is a zero financial commitment upfront for the landholder to become a DPI Seasonal Conditions Monitoring Farm. DPI is responsible for sensor procurement and installation and data connectivity until June 2024. Agreements may be extended after this period.

Eligible landholders will need to agree to a data sharing and land access agreement with NSW DPI.

How will the Seasonal Conditions Monitoring Network be used?

A state-of-the-art system is being built that will use data from the Seasonal Conditions Monitoring Network to enhance the assessment and prediction of seasonal conditions in NSW. There are important gaps in the current monitoring network that can be addressed by a strategic investment in new sites. Ultimately this will improve the accuracy of seasonal conditions information and model predictions.

What is the application process?

  1. The EOI phase is now closed and applications are currently being reviewed.
  2. Suitable applicants will be invited to complete an application form.
  3. The application form must be returned by Monday 16 December 2022.
  4. Qualifying respondents will be contacted by phone to confirm their interest and suitability.
  5. An independent selection committee will review and shortlist the applications.
  6. Application will then be notified whether they have been successful or unsuccessful.
  7. Successful producers will be contacted to plan the next steps.

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