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Published 25 September 2023

Farm Tracker - A guide for farmers

Farm Tracker is a simple tool you can use to help monitor seasonal conditions on your property. An upgraded version of the app has been released that now allows you to not only record conditions, but now also links users with other resources that may be useful to help make business decisions.

Farm Tracker allows you to:

  • Complete a simple crop, pasture or animal survey
  • Keep and manage a photo diary of your farm so you can monitor the same paddock over many years
  • Reports can be completed in a few minutes and they are synchronised with a personal database as well as the statewide database when within mobile or wi-fi range.

The new features of the app connect you to other useful Government services like:

  • The NSW Combined Drought Indicator map
  • The monthly NSW State Seasonal Update
  • NSW DroughtHub
  • Local Land Services
  • Rural Assistance Authority