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Rules for moving products

People moving fire ant carriers from the Queensland fire ant infested area must:

  1. Follow the treatment or cleaning requirements on the type of material or machinery being moved. See What are you moving?
  2. Produce the approved biosecurity certificate that accompanied the fire ant carrier for inspection when requested by an authorised officer and retain this certificate for 4 years.
  3. Complete the record of movement declaration form.

Fire ant carrier material includes organic mulch, compost, growing media, manure, soil and anything with soil on it, hay, straw, chaff, silage, potted plants, turf, agricultural equipment, earth moving equipment, sand, gravel, chitters, coal fines, coal stone, overburden and decomposed granite.


Any person who initiates the movement of a fire ant carrier into NSW from the fire ant infested area must:

provide details of the movement and a copy of the approved biosecurity certificate to the Department by completing and submitting the record of movement declaration form before the fire ant carrier is moved, and retain details of the movement for 4 years.