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Requirements for moving fire ant carrier materials.


New requirement for property treatment:

  • A carrier cannot be moved from a Queensland property where fire ants are currently present or have been found in the past 7 years unless the property is subject to an insect growth regulator (IGR) treatment regime, as set out in Part 2, Clause 14 of the Emergency Order.
  • Confirmation will be required in the Record of Movement Declaration.
  • Note the definitions of IGR treatment regime and insect growth regulator in Part 1, Clause 9.

Transiting the fire ant infested area with carrier materials

You can move a fire ant carrier material through the known infested area of Queensland into NSW only if:

  • remains in preventative conditions while it is in the fire ant infested area and until the carrier leaves the fire ant infested area, or
  • moves through the fire ant infested area without stopping.

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