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About Wardell

Fire ants have been detected in the community of Wardell, just south of Ballina.

NSW DPI, the National Fire Ant Eradication Program and Ballina Shire Council are working together in response to the detection.

Communities in the border regions of Northern NSW should be on the lookout for fire ants and their nests and contact NSW DPI if suspected fire ants are found.

Watch the Wardell Community Briefing held on Wednesday 24 January below:

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What can I do?

Movement of a fire ant carrier is permitted into and within the 5km control area.

Movement of a fire ant carrier out of the 5km fire ant movement control area is only permitted when following the requirements as specified by the Emergency Order

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more.

Treat or clean

  • Follow the treatment requirements specified for organic mulch, soil, compost and manure; soil samples; growing media; hay; potted plants; turf; and mining or quarrying materials.
  • Follow the cleaning requirements for agricultural equipment and earth moving equipment; and dump trucks and bins.

Complete the record of movement declaration form

  • For organic material, mining and quarrying material, and dirty machinery, complete the record of movement declaration form
  • Retain these details for 4 years.
  • For movement of clean or new agricultural machinery or earth moving equipment, a record of movement declaration form is not required to be completed.
  • Additionally, a record of movement declaration form is not required for the movement of grass, vegetation or clippings as discussed below.

Green bin/organic waste collection by council

  • No action is required for grass, vegetation and clippings which are collected by council as part of the council’s waste management services.
  • Household residents within the 5km zone are permitted to take their grass, vegetation and clippings direct to the Ballina Shire Council waste facility, however, need to ensure that they are covered to prevent fire ants crawling into or landing on it.

Other movements

Movements out of the 5km Fire Ant Movement Control Area contrary to the Emergency Order may be authorised by a permit under certain conditions. A permit process is in place, and the granting of permits will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To discuss further contact the hotline on 1800 680 244.

Seen them? Contact us

Use the online form for any suspicious sightings or call 1800 680 244.