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Report an Exotic Ant

Report any suspicious ant sightings such as Red Imported Fire Ants or Yellow Crazy Ants immediately, as these pests can spread rapidly.

Please do not disturb the ants or nests or try to treat the infestation yourself as some ants are known to inflict painful bites and stings.

If safe to do so, take a photo of the suspicious ants, including a scale (a coin or key) in any image and forward it with this report.

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If you have seen ants that you think could be Red Imported Fire Ants, please tell us about them

Red Imported Fire Ants are generally around 5mm (half a centimetre) long
Fire ant nests often look like disturbed soil or a small mound of soil with no visible entry holes. Fire ants can also nest under logs, garden materials, hay or in electrical infrastructure
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