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Weekly Commodity Report

Report prepared 22 February 2019.


$425/t (APW)


Decrease in yield and planted area saw the ABARES Crop Report downgrade NSW wheat production estimate to 1.8 mt, down from 4.495 mt in 2017
Source: Ag Scientia


$365/t (feed)


Prices have declined in early 2019 as international consumers substituted barley for cheaper commodities and demand softened from Saudi Arabia
Source: The Land



Up 1.4%

Prices increased with high demand for feed across eastern states, supply is limited due to prolonged heatwave conditions and below-average rainfall
Source: AgVantage



Up 0.3%

Low trading volumes with a public holiday in the US; ongoing US/China trade talks produced uncertainty and no positive news holding the market steady
Source: Namoi Cotton





Prices remained steady while ABARES Crop Report estimated NSW production 152,000 tonnes, down 75% on 2017; the lowest yield in 10 years at 0.8 t/ha
Source: Agfarm





Prices have remained steady this week with the release of ABARES Crop Report, which estimated NSW chickpea production at 22,000 tonnes, down 95% yoy
Source: ABARES



Up 8.2%

Sugar traded higher this week however this is expected to be short term as overall global supply and demand remains in surplus for the time being
Source: QSL


450c/kg (EYCI cwt)

Down -2.3%

East coast cattle slaughter is at its highest in 4 years extending the downward trend on cattle prices, while west coast remain trading at a premium
Source: Mecardo


174c/kg (lwt)

Down -3.3%

Solid export demand has steadied the fall in cow prices that may have been more pronounced given the drought driven heightened level of supply
Source: MLA


668c/kg (NTLI cwt)

Up 4.4%

Prices increased this week following a monthlong decline. Low paddock feed and below-average lambing rates likely to affect prices over coming months
Source: Mecardo


2,344c/kg (Mel 21mc

Up 2.8%

Prices increased with Chinese interest at auction after China imposed an import ban of South African wool due to an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease
Source: AWI


Another dry week with the worst of the summer heat behind us. BOM predict an El Nino developing in autumn or winter remain elevated
Source: AWB