Weekly Commodity Report

Report prepared 9 March 2018.


$291/t (APW)

Up 3.9%

Domestically, wheat has experienced a rise; a primary contributor is higher sorghum prices as feeders look to satisfy their needs with wheat.
Source: Ag Scientia


$279/t (feed)


Price remains steady as feeders are still seeking to recover from decreased pasture feed; positive news from Japan as they seek to increase imports.
Source: IndexMundi



Up 1.5%

Exports may benefit with the steep steel tariff recently announced by the US; speculations abound that China will impose tariffs on US sorghum.
Source: Ag Scientia



Up 2.3%

2018 futures saw a jump but a stronger AUD later in the week brought down the prices; domestic production is predicted to increase with recent rain.
Source: AgVantage




Up 1.7%

Despite increase in domestic prices, futures fell into the red recently with a strong Canadian dollar and positive moisture conditions playing a part.
Source: Lachstock Consulting





With India’s announcement of further increase to import tariff on pulses (chickpeas set at 60%), global demand and planting is expected to decrease.
Source: Ag Scientia



Down -3.0%

Sugar prices suffered across the board as the Indian Sugar Mills Association increased their production estimate to be 9 times the original forecast.
Source: Agrimoney


562c/kg (EYCI cwt)

Up 4.3%

Heavy rainfall across supply regions has caused cattle prices to surge with demand likely to increase with the recent rain encouraging restockers.
Source: Meat & Livestock Australia


$206c/kg (lwt)

Up 1.4%

Prices saw a slight gain again (highest since the start of the year) as cows maintained average yarding levels due to continued herd rebuilding effort
Source: Mecardo


$603c/kg (NTLI cwt)

Down -3.2%

Improved weather in the recent weeks could not keep lamb prices high as slaughters spiked (11% Jan to Feb) to keep head counts to manageable levels.
Source: Meat & Livestock Australia


1,883c/kg (Syd 21mc)

Down -3.3%

Merino types are experiencing shortages, leading to further price increase; domestic price saw a decrease due to stronger AUD and rate adjustments.
Source: EldersWool


Rainfall forecast remains with at least average levels being expected across NSW; excessive moisture across Queensland may have a positive impact.
Source: Weatherwatch