Fishing closures, restrictions and permits

Fisheries rules

Our State's fisheries are a community-owned resource. We all have a responsibility to protect and safeguard this natural asset for present and future generations. There are comprehensive laws designed to ensure that fishing activities remain sustainable, and that biological diversity is protected.

Local NSW Fisheries Offices maintain a comprehensive list of local fisheries rules and actively advises the public about these. It is important that it is understood that the information provided on this website only provides some of the controls that people need to abide by in respect to their fishing and other activities related to our aquatic resources. The local NSW Fisheries Office should be contacted for the most comprehensive advice on activities that are being contemplated in an area.

Recreational fishers need to be aware of the fishing rules and regulations that apply to recreational fishing such as bag & size limits, methods, the use of traps and nets and other regulations.

The department has a role in enforcing the following laws regarding recreational and commercial fishing.

Fishing closures

Recreational saltwater closures

Recreational freshwater closures

Commercial closures

Aquaculture closures

Species closures

Marine protected areas

Other relevant closures

Permits and Orders

Importation Orders