Game and Pest Board

The Game and Pest Management Advisory Board represents the interests of licensed hunters and provides advice to the Minister for Primary Industries and DPI on game and pest animal management in NSW.

The inaugural Game and Pest Management Advisory Board was announced by the Minister for Primary Industries on 4 November 2014. The Board is appointed under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 and according to the NSW Government Boards and Committees Guidelines July 2013.

Game and Pest Board forum for licence holders - October 2017

On Saturday 21 October 2017, over 110 hunting stakeholders gathered in Penrith for the Game and Pest Management Advisory Board's Hunting and Pest Management forum.

Participants workshopped issues that constrain hunters in pest and wildlife management, resulting in several recommendations around:

  • education
  • public perception and the benefits of hunting
  • culture
  • programs, and
  • recent examples of sucessful conservation partnerships.

You can read a Report of Proceedings (PDF, 339.91 KB) from the Board's forum.

Meet the board members

Emeritus Professor Robert Mulley (Chairman) (Camden)  
Kathleen Clapham (Blackheath)
Dr Justin Clarke (Nowra)
Andrew Glover (Camden)
Christine Hall (Inverell)
Dr Graham Hall (Armidale)
David Voss (Bungendore)

Emeritus Professor Robert Mulley (Chairman)

Working from the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Western Sydney, Emeritus Professor Robert Mulley is a leader amongst wildlife management scientists and has written over 150 scientific publications. His expert knowledge in agriculture, vertebrate pest management, wildlife management and sustainable land use has been recognised nationally and internationally.

A current member of the NSW Animal Research Review Panel, Kangaroo Management Advisory Panel, Biosecurity Advisory Committee, and a former member of the Victorian Hunting Advisory Committee, E/Prof Mulley also sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Zoo Biology and has recently held positions as the Chair of the NSW Board of Studies Primary Industries Examination Committee and as a representative on the Australian Wildlife Health Network Management Committee. E/Prof Mulley is also an active recreational hunter and enjoys spending time hunting with his two sons.

Kathleen Clapham

For the past 17 years in her role as a secondary school teacher, Kathleen Clapham has assisted the students of the Blue Mountains Christian College to build a culture of outdoor education and healthy living. Undertaking roles such as Discipline Coordinator and Sport Coordinator, Ms Clapham has introduced annual events such as the Photographic Competition and 5-day expedition camps in the remote alpine wilderness to build on the navigation and bushcraft skills of her students.

A Firearms Safety Training Instructor, Ms Clapham has been actively involved in educating the hunting community for more than 15 years. In addition to assisting property owners with game and feral animal management, she is a former President and an Honoured Member of the Australian Deer Association's Sydney Branch.

Dr Justin Clarke

A registered veterinary surgeon for over 20 years and a former veterinary practice owner, Dr Justin Clarke has just commenced as the Animal Welfare Officer for Macquarie University, concurrently with his post as a Veterinary Ecologist with Wildlife and Veterinary Ecology Services at Nowra on the NSW South Coast. Dr Clarke has a particular interest in wildlife veterinary programs and is an Associate Researcher at the Marine Predators Research Group at Macquarie University.

Dr Clarke was the Deputy Chair of the National Parks and Wildlife Service South Coast Region Advisory Committee and is a Category A member of the Macquarie University Animal Ethics Committee. Dr Clarke brings a wealth of experience in wildlife veterinary science and research to the Board.

Andrew Glover

A former Compliance and Enforcement Officer with the NSW Police State Crime Command, Andrew Glover provides an important link for licensed hunting with firearms licensing and enforcement in Government.

Mr Glover brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the Board through firearms safety, hunting, pest control, stakeholder engagement, biosecurity, paraveterinary activities and small acres farming.

Throughout his 26 year career with Rural Lands Protection Boards and the Livestock Health and Pest Agency, Mr Glover describes his career highlights as “being on the front line of the UK Foot and Mouth Disease response; assisting in the management of wild deer in the Royal National Park and Illawarra region; being an accredited Feral Animal Aerial Shooting Team (FAAST) shooter and assisting landholders with peri-urban pest management and stock disease issues throughout the greater Sydney area".

Christine Hall

A regional landholder, retired school teacher and manager of her husband's medical practice, Christine Hall is highly skilled in pest animal management and education. With one property bordering a National Park, she is uniquely placed to understand the needs of both landholders and hunters and to facilitate an ethical and cultural partnership between the two.

A hunter for over forty years, both out of necessity on her properties and recreationally around Australia and overseas, Ms Hall is a champion for sustainable use and informed concern for the natural world. A founding member of the Safari Club International Down Under Chapter and Three Rivers Big Game Hunting Club, past competitor in SSAA Big Game Rifle Club competitions and a former member of the Emmaville Regional Shooting Complex Committee, she is an active member of the Inverell community and is conscious of the values and needs of rural NSW.

Dr Graham Hall

Providing consultancy services on wildlife and insect management from Invetus Pty Ltd at Armidale, Dr Graham Hall is a renowned wildlife management scientist both nationally and internationally.

Responsible for development of the first ever Australian game management university degree at the University of Queensland, Dr Hall has over 35 years of experience in the management of domestic animals and wildlife. He has written over 90 scientific publications including the first-ever book on wild deer management in Australia (2007), and the first-ever book on the ecology and management of quail in Australia (2013).

Dr Hall is an active hunter, having participated in the management of exotic and native species on resort islands as well as public and private lands for over 20 years. He is a former member of the Victorian Hunting Advisory Committee and managed the Tasmanian Game Management Unit for 12 years.

He is also a member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia's Expert Advisory Group, a consultant with Field and Game Australia, and a member of the Australian Deer Research Foundation.

David Voss

A project management professional, accredited workplace trainer and assessor and thirty-year veteran of the IT and telecommunications industries, David Voss has led several award-winning teams through the implementation of projects for the Australian Defence Forces and other national agencies.

Customer focused yet experienced in looking at the big picture, Mr Voss is well versed in managing competing interests in a highly charged environment and has held prominent roles with a number of Federal Government agencies. He is also an active hunter and the National President of the Australian Deer Association. In his role with the Australian Deer Association, Mr Voss has been responsible for the development of a number of initiatives involving habitat restoration and the management of pest and game animals.


The Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 (the Act) sets out the membership and functions of the Board.

Together, the members of the Game and Pest Management Advisory Board have expertise, skill or knowledge in the areas of:

  • pest management
  • wildlife
  • veterinary science
  • hunting
  • education
  • community engagement.


Under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002, the Board will:

  • represent the interests of licensed hunters in matters arising under the Act.
  • provide advice on request to the Minister or the Regulatory Authority on game and feral animal control.
  • provide advice on request to the Minister regarding priorities for research expenditure from the Game and Pest Management Trust Fund.
  • provide advice to the Minister or the Regulatory Authority on educational courses relating to game hunting.