NSW Hunting Stakeholder Consultation Group

The NSW Hunting Stakeholder Consultation Group (NHSCG) was formed in 2020 as a way for DPI Hunting to communicate and receive feedback on specific projects from key stakeholders who are invested in the future of regulated hunting in NSW.


Scott Freeman 73rd Regiment of Foot
Craig Mearns Calibre Country
Dylan Smith Individual (Armidale Hunting Club)
Steve Hayes Illawarra Hunting Club
Ralph Boden Australian Bowhunters Association
Ned Makim Australian Pig Doggers and hunters Association
Tony Fisher Individual (Field and Game Australia)
Peter Mooney Individual (SSAA Taree-Wingham)
Guy Pitchford Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc
Aaron Henry Australian Deer Association (National) Inc


Clubs, associations and hunter education partners were emailed an invitation to express their interest in participating in the NHSCG in mid-July 2020. Registrations were open for five days and attracted 28 expressions of interest, which were then assessed against selection criteria to determine their suitability.


  1. Stakeholder representatives must have a direct connection with DPI Hunting and support regulated hunting in NSW. Eligible stakeholders must be one of the following:
    1. A representative of an Approved Hunting Organisation (or other member with approval of the organisation representatives)
    2. A representative of a Hunter LEAP Provider
    3. An accredited Hunter LEAP Trainer.
  2. Stakeholder representatives will be selected according to their ability to provide feedback and advice on projects and initiatives in the areas of:
    1. Hunter education and training
    2. Public land hunting
    3. Pest and wildlife management
    4. Hunting using firearms, bows and dogs
    5. Stakeholder engagement.
  3. In addition, representatives must:
    1. Have strong knowledge of hunting laws and regulations relating to hunting and the use of hunting equipment
    2. Commit to remain unbiased, apolitical, transparent and provide opinions and feedback that will benefit the hunting community and its stakeholders
    3. Be located in New South Wales.

Terms of the NHSCG

  • Members are appointed for a two year period, commencing from the first meeting.
  • Expressions of interest will be reinvited once the two year period is nearing completion.
  • Meetings will occur quarterly or more frequently if determined by the group.
  • Meetings will be held over video conferencing software.
  • Members are required to sign a participation agreement and nominate a proxy.

Meeting 1

Thursday 8 October 2020

The first NHSCG meeting focused on hunter education programs and standards under a new Australian chapter (IHEA-AU) of the leading hunter education organisation, the International Hunter Education Association. The group also looked at updating the R-Licence Accreditation Course and a proposed interactive eLearning delivery platform to make hunter education more accessible.

The group strongly supported the projects put forward by DPI Hunting and were notably excited to be part of the vision that leads the way for hunter education in Australia.