Forestry Policy

In NSW we have a comprehensive, science-based system of forest and forestry management and regulation that has stood the test of time and is under continuous review and improvement.

Ecologically sustainable forest management (ESFM) underpins the forestry management framework in NSW. The principles of ESFM are the guiding concepts that underpin native forest management in NSW. It seeks to provide the economic, social and cultural benefits from forests while conserving environmental values, such as biodiversity and water quality, and sustaining the health and productivity of the forest for current and future generations.

One element of ESFM is to ensure that legislation, policies, institutional frameworks, codes, standards and practices related to forest management, apply best-available knowledge and adaptive management processes to deliver best-practice forest management.

Our Team

The Forestry Policy unit drives programs, projects and policy that benefit the management of the forest estate and forestry operations. It provides informed, balanced, science-based advice for a range of options to the Government on forest and forestry related policy matters.

The unit develops, implements and maintains policy positions that achieve and enhance ecologically sustainable forest management and the support processes for NSW Government to achieve these outcomes. This includes the review of outcomes from robust science and forest monitoring that inform comprehensive systems of forest and forestry management.

Further Information

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