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Hunter LEAP

Hunter LEAP (Learning, Education and Accreditation Program) is an education program for hunters, administered by the DPI Game Licensing Unit.

Hunter education and training is an important part of regulated hunting in NSW. Hunter LEAP ensures that individuals wanting to hunt on public land are suitably educated and that opportunities for hunter education are available to all NSW Game Hunting Licence holders.

The Game Licensing Unit is able to approve courses of training for hunters as well as accredit persons, clubs or associations to deliver approved courses. Organisations and their members and/or employees are encouraged to apply for accreditation as a Hunter LEAP Provider or Hunter LEAP Trainer to deliver these approved courses to their local community.

Become a firearm safety training instructor for DPI

Would your club or hunting industry business like to offer firearms safety training? The Firearms & Hunting Safety (Long-arms) Course is now available for residents of New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Need to know: The course is approved by the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry and the ACT Firearms Registry and allows residents to qualify for a Firearms Licence in their state.

Need to action: Seek pre-approval as a Firearms Safety Instructor in your state:

To qualify as a Firearm Safety Instructor, you must hold a current firearms licence that was issued in the state you are seeking instructor accreditation, and you must have held that licence for at least three years.

I'm already a Hunter LEAP Trainer I'm a new Hunter LEAP Trainer Clubs/ organisations

Download and print Form HL-F: Application to become a Hunter LEAP Firearms Safety Instructor.

Download and print Form HL-B: Application to become an accredited Hunter LEAP Trainer.

Download and print Form HL-A: Application to become an accredited Hunter LEAP Provider.

NSW trainers

  1. Make sure to write your Trainer accreditation number at the top of the form.
  2. Download and print the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry Form P644: Application for a Firearms Safety Instructor (Long-arms).
  3. Submit BOTH Form HL-F and Form P644 to the Education & Training Team for endorsement.

ACT trainers

  1. Make sure to write your Trainer accreditation number at the top of the form.
  2. If not already approved, seek approval as a current Firearms Safety Instructor with the ACT Firearms Registry.
  3. Submit Form HL-F to the Education & Training Team, with your ACT Firearms Instructor Approval attached.
  1. You must be linked to a hunting club or organisation that has been accredited as a Hunter LEAP Provider.
  2. Fill in the form and provide the required supporting evidence, such as a Working with Children Check.
  3. Provide either a NSW P644 Form or ACT Firearms Registry Firearms Safety Instructor Approval with Form HL-B when you submit to the Education & Training Team.
  1. Before your organisation can access Hunter LEAP training material, including the Firearms & Hunting Safety (Long-arms) Course, it must seek accreditation as a Hunter LEAP Provider.
  2. Hunting clubs and hunting industry businesses may seek accreditation.
  3. Hunting clubs must first be an Approved Hunting Organisation.
  4. Once your organisation is accredited as a Provider, you may have individuals apply to become accredited Trainers for your organisation.

Do I need to fill in a P644? (NSW applicants only)

If you reside in NSW and wish to become a Firearms Safety Instructor with Hunter LEAP, you need to fill in the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry Form P644: Application for a Firearms Safety Instructor (Long-arms). Return the form to NSW DPI, rather than NSW Police, so we may complete your nomination.

  1. You can fill in the form electronically using your computer or manually by printing it first.
  2. Fill in sections A, B, C, D and E with your personal details.
  4. Sign and date your application in Section H.
  5. Send your completed form with your Hunter LEAP application to DPI for endorsement.
  6. We will complete the details in Section G on your behalf and submit to the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry.

For more information contact

About Hunter LEAP

Hunter LEAP is made up of four parts:

Primefact 1380 - Hunter LEAP summarises the program.

Hunters helping hunters

You can help us build a network for easy access to education and increased participation in hunting clubs by asking your organisation to become a Hunter LEAP Provider and registering as a Hunter LEAP Trainer.

There are many different types of courses available for our Hunter LEAP Partners to deliver, but the most important one is the R-Licence Accreditation Course to help new hunters qualify for a NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence).

Why sign up?

Here's just a few of the many reasons to sign-up to Hunter LEAP:

  • Access best practice hunter education material that is structured to assist Trainers organise and present courses.
  • Hunter LEAP material is provided free-of-charge to partner organisations.
  • Opportunity to cost recover on training.
  • Delivering the R-Licence Accreditation Course leads to more club memberships and more customers.
  • Increased opportunities for club events and promotions.
  • A dedicated Hunter LEAP support team in Parramatta.

Hunter LEAP Providers

Eligible hunting organisations and businesses are invited to become accredited Hunter LEAP Providers.

Hunter LEAP Providers can be either:

  1. Approved Hunting Organisations (AHOs), or
  2. hunting industry businesses.

Hunter LEAP Providers plan and schedule training events, then deliver course material that is supplied by the Department. Providers nominate Hunter LEAP Trainers who present Hunter LEAP training material on behalf of their organisation.

Hunter LEAP Providers must ensure their Trainers deliver the course material according to DPI guidelines, procedures and standards for Hunter LEAP Training Packages.

Form HL-A - Application to become accredited as a Hunter LEAP Provider (PDF, 42.83 KB)

Hunter LEAP Trainers

Members or employees of Hunter LEAP Providers are invited to apply for accreditation as a Hunter LEAP Trainer.

Hunter LEAP Trainers are responsible for the delivery and assessment of Hunter LEAP courses on behalf of their Hunter LEAP Provider. Trainer applications must be supported by a nomination from the Provider's official representative.

To qualify for accreditation as a Hunter LEAP Trainer, you must:

  • have a current R-Licence or evidence you have completed the mandatory component of the R-Licence Accreditation Course
  • provide a Working with Children Check
  • pass a Criminal History check (conducted by the Game Licensing Unit)
  • for firearms safety training - be a NSW Police approved firearms safety trainer
  • understand and abide by the contents of the Hunter LEAP Trainer's Guide: Training standards and techniques (issued with each Trainer accreditation).
Form HL-B - Application to become accredited as a Hunter LEAP Trainer (PDF, 82.52 KB)

Hunter LEAP policy

The Hunter LEAP policy provides a framework for the management and delivery of education and training through Hunter LEAP. It sets out the minimum requirements for material the Department will issue to Providers and Trainers, the expectations for course delivery according to issued standards and guidelines, and how the Department will review Hunter LEAP Partners activities.

Policy - Hunter LEAP (Learning, Education and Accreditation Program) (PDF, 81.4 KB)

Hunter LEAP Training Packages

The following Hunter LEAP Training Packages are either available now or in development.

Each Training Package contains a detailed user guide as well as a range of templates and instructional material to assist in delivery of hunter education and training to DPI standards.

Training Package


R-Licence qualification R-Licence Accreditation Course
Firearms safety training Firearms and Hunting Safety Training (Long-arms) Course
Hunting technique short coursesIntroduction to public land hunting
 Making a successful shot
 Sighting in your rifle scope
  Bushcraft and survival
  Butchering game animals
  Calling and decoying foxes
  Caping, tanning and taxidermy
  Game animal anatomy and shot placement
  Hunting rabbits and hares
  Hunting wild dogs
  Identifying game and feral animals
  Introduction to deer hunting
  Mapping and navigation basics
  Navigation using GPS
  Scouting and hunting State forests in NSW
  Traditional archery
Hunting technique workshops Deer hunting
  Hunting feral pigs with dogs
  Game management

Hunter Education and Training Support Team

The Hunter Education and Training team located in Parramatta provides dedicated support to Hunter LEAP Partners.

The support team is available by phoning 02 9842 8350 or by emailing