Forest Science

DPI Forest Science provides evidence-based forest research services that underpin sustainable use of NSW’s native forests and productive plantations. The unit also has extensive technical expertise and capability in field based research, biometrics, spatial modelling, Geographic Information System (GIS) and cost-benefit analysis.

The Forest Science team provides research and development services to the forestry sector and a number of stakeholders including contracted research projects that assist the Forestry Corporation of NSW in its sustainable management of 2.2 million hectares of publicly-owned State forest. The group also works with organisations with an environmental and/or forestry socio-economic focus.

Its science-based research outcomes play a key role in shaping policy, industry and environment management decisions that share a common aim: sustainable management of forest landscapes through active and adaptive management.

Research Groups

The NSW Forest Science team is made up of the research groups listed below. See our Key Services for an overview of the services that we provide and our quarterly Newsletter for current activities.