Hunter harvest surveys

To increase our knowledge of the contribution of hunters to the NSW community, Jetty Research Pty Ltd conducts bi-monthly phone surveys of game hunting licence holder's effort and harvest.

  • Each survey covers a two-month period.
  • 800 game hunting licence holders are randomly selected and called by Jetty Research on behalf of DPI.
  • The survey collects information on any game and pest species harvested in the two months preceding the call - ie, calls made in November with ask about effort and harvest in September and October.
  • The survey follows best-practice survey design used in Victoria and overseas.

Results from the harvest surveys are used to support the positive impact of hunting and its contribution to regional communities through the number of animals harvested.

The survey is voluntary and licence holders may decline to participate or to answer every question. Information provided by licence holders is anonymous and not linked to their personal information.

Annual Waterfowl Quota Reports to DPI Hunting

This report, produced annually by the DPI Vertebrate Pest Research Unit on behalf of DPI Hunting (formerly the Game Licensing Unit), estimates the regional populations of native game birds for the Native Game Bird Management Program.


In 2016, the Game and Pest Management Advisory Board recommended a number of research topics to the Minister for Primary Industries. Several projects were approved by the Minister and are funded from the Game and Pest Trust Fund which puts Game Hunting Licence fees to work.

Report: Economic impact of recreational hunting in NSW

The hunting economics survey is the first research project funded from the Game and Pest Management Trust through hunting licence fees.

The report shows that recreational hunting by the 19,000 NSW game hunting licence holders accounts for $119 m of Gross State Product and 860 jobs within the NSW economy. The 207,000 non-game licence holders account for between $446 m and $1,366 m of Gross State Product and between 3,932 and 11,572 jobs.

Read the hunting economics report () PDF, 1389.1 KB

Report: Estimating quail and pigeon populations in NSW for use in 2017 native game bird harvest quota determination

To further our knowledge of quail and pigeon species listed in the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002, University of New England conducted an 8-month study, trialing techniques to detect these species.

The study found that monitoring techniques for Brown and Stubble quail are adequate, however monitoring techniques need to be refined for Common bronzewing and Crested pigeons.

This research will provide important information should harvest quotas be considered for these species in the future.

Read the quail and pigeon report. (PDF, 2215.03 KB)