Poultry and birds

NSW is the largest chicken meat and egg producing state for, accounting approximately 35%, and 34.2%, respectively, of national production. In 2022/23, the gross value of production (GVP) for poultry meat was $917 million and the GVP for poultry eggs in NSW was $354 million.

The poultry industry is an important component of the agricultural sector in New South Wales. Chickens, ducks, and turkeys are the major species kept on commercial farms. These species, alongside others, including geese, quail and pheasants are also kept domestically. All poultry owners, regardless of scale or purpose, are responsible for maintaining the health and welfare of the birds in their care, as well as meeting the legal requirements for poultry ownership.

The NSW DPI works to maintain and grow the sustainability and viability of the poultry industries across a range of areas, including biosecurity, animal welfare, traceability, food safety, and land use planning. DPI engages with numerous stakeholders to support the poultry sector including NSW Farmers, Australian Eggs, Australian Chicken Meat Federation, Agrifutures, Poultry Hub, Egg Farmers of Australia, Australian Chicken Growers Council, the Australasian Turkey Federation, and the Australian Duck Meat Association.

NSW DPI Agriculture Intensive Livestock Industries group have staff available for poultry industry enquiries.
Joanna Blunden (Development Officers Poultry Eggs) joanna.blunden@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Peta Easey (Leader Pigs and Poultry) peta.easey@dpi.nsw.gov.au.

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