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A soil sample prepared for the purpose of laboratory analysis that was in the fire ant infested area must not be moved into NSW unless:

  • all the soil samples are inspected to ensure that the samples are free of fire ants, and
  • for 48 hours before the soil samples is moved into NSW, the soil samples are cooled so that all parts of the mass of each sample reaches a maximum temperature of -18° Celsius, and
  • each soil sample must be a maximum of 1 kilogram per sample.

Note: A domestic freezer is adequate to freeze the soil samples.


Any person who initiates the movement of a fire ant carrier into NSW from the fire ant infested area must:

provide details of the movement and a copy of the approved biosecurity certificate to the Department by completing and submitting the record of movement declaration form before the fire ant carrier is moved, and retain details of the movement for 4 years.