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To move potted plants (plants in containers grown in potting media including the plant, the container and the potting media) into NSW from known fire ant infested areas in Queensland they must be:

Potted plants that have been present in the fire ant infested area must not be moved into NSW unless the following requirements have been met:

  • The potting media that is part of the potted plant was treated with an APVMA approved chemical for the control of fire ants in accordance with all label directions and permit conditions,
  • The treatment of the potting media of the potted plant remains effective until the potted plant arrives into NSW and
  • The plant is accompanied by an approved biosecurity certificate certifying that the measures above have been met.

Indoor potted plants

Indoor potted plants that have been present in the fire ant infested area must not be moved into NSW unless the indoor potted plant have met the conditions below:

The potted plant is:

  • moved directly from indoors, where it has been held for the previous 3 months, to the vehicle in which it will be moved without being placed on the ground, or the indoor potted plant is uprooted prior to movement so that no soil, or other fire ant carriers are present
  • checked visually and found to be free of fire ants, and
  • the indoor potted plant is placed in preventative conditions before being moved and remains in preventative conditions until it is moved out of fire ant infested area.

After the indoor potted plant has been moved into NSW it is required to be kept indoors continuously for a period of 3 months after arrival into NSW.


Any person who initiates the movement of a fire ant carrier into NSW from the fire ant infested area must:

provide details of the movement and a copy of the approved biosecurity certificate to the Department by completing and submitting the record of movement declaration form before the fire ant carrier is moved, and retain details of the movement for 4 years.