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To move organic mulch (including bark and wood chips), soil, compost and manure that has been present in the known fire ant infested area in Queensland it must be:

  • heat treated so that all parts of the mass have reached a minimum temperature of 65.5o Celsius
  • vigorously disturbed, including all parts of the mass, in the 24 hours before it is moved into NSW
  • handled and stored in a way that prevents infestation by fire ants immediately after treatment and until it arrives in NSW.

It must be accompanied by one of the following certifying these requirements have been met:

a Biosecurity Certificate issued in accordance with the entry conditions specified in BioSecure HACCP Entry Conditions Compliance Procedure Number ECCPRIFA21.


Any person who initiates the movement of a fire ant carrier into NSW from the fire ant infested area must:

provide details of the movement and a copy of the approved biosecurity certificate to the Department by completing and submitting the record of movement declaration form before the fire ant carrier is moved, and retain details of the movement for 4 years.