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Mining or quarrying materials include chitters, coal fines, coal stone, decomposed granite, sand, gravel and overburden.

Mining or quarrying material that has been present in the fire ant infested area must not be moved into NSW unless:

  • at least once every 21 days while the material is in the fire ant infested area, the material is moved or turned,
  • in the 24 hours before the material is moved from the fire ant infested area into NSW, the material is vigorously disturbed, and
  • the material is accompanied by a plant health certificate certifying that the measures above have been met.


Any person who initiates the movement of a fire ant carrier into NSW from the fire ant infested area must:

provide details of the movement and a copy of the approved biosecurity certificate to the Department by completing and submitting the record of movement declaration form before the fire ant carrier is moved, and retain details of the movement for 4 years.