Name: Plantain (Plantago lanceolata)

Plantain is a deep-rooted perennial herb growing all year round. Highest growth rates will occur in the warmer months. It can be sown on its own, but is more often used as a component of a perennial pasture mix. It is drought hardy and can regenerate from seed. When sown without legumes, nitrogenous fertilisers will be required to maximise yield. Adapted to low fertility soils. Young leaf material is particularly palatable, but to maintain production, grazing needs to be kept under control.

Minimum average
annual rainfall:
500 mm (South), 650 mm (North).
Sowing rate: On its own, plantain can be sown at 8–10 kg/ha. Alternatively it can be sown with other perennial pasture species at rates of 3–4 kg/ha. Plantain has been found to be compatible with perennial ryegrass and sub clover based pastures Sow autumn or spring (Tablelands). It will not tolerate some herbicides commonly used in pastures.

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