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The emergency management learning and development program (known as EMtrain) provides training and exercises for all NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) personnel and assisting organisations when responding to biosecurity emergencies and where agriculture or animals are affected during natural disasters and other emergencies.

EMtrain manages your personal information, course requirements by role(s) and course completion. It is a central point for all your EM training needs. Courses on EMtrain consist of online packages and face-to-face training, delivered internally by DPI and externally by other agencies.

Before you create your user account in EMtrain you will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Apply for your USI.

Gain valuable skills and be ready to contribute to emergencies

Training options

There are two options for gaining access to your training:

1. Participate in emergency response

If you are likely to participate in responses you will need to create or edit a personnel profile in WebEOC and EMtrain.

  • Access WebEOC to create and edit your personnel profile. 
  • Once you have created your WebEOC account and Personnel Record your will need to create an EMtrain account.
    • Refer to the User Guide- EMtrain Introductory (PDF, 553.14 KB) to create your account.
    • Access EMtrain.
    • Add your WebEOC personnel ID number to your profile. Open “My Dashboard” and “Edit Profile”. Add your WebEOC number at the bottom of the Emergency Management information in the Personnel ID field.
    • Start your training in EMtrain.

2. No participation in emergency response

If you are not likely to participate in responses on behalf of DPI then you can enter EMtrain directly by creating a new user account.

Access WebEOC Login to EMtrain

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