Training and skills

The emergency management learning and development program provides training and exercises for NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) personnel, Local Land Services (LLS) personnel and assisting organisations to prepare them to respond to biosecurity emergencies and assist when agriculture or animals are affected during natural disasters and other emergencies.

EMtrain is a web-based learning management system that hosts your information, courses, a course calendar and an exercise library. EMtrain allows you to enrol in courses, see and manage completed training and see what training you have left to complete in order to perform your nominated role.

Access WebEOC Login to EMtrain

To participate in emergency response

1. Access WebEOC to create a WebEOC account and a personal record - refer to WebEOC user guide (PDF, 483.27 KB)

2. Speak to your Manager or EM Coordinator to nominate your Emergency Response Role in WebEOC - refer to DPI Emergency Response Roles (PDF, 782.15 KB). This must be completed before undertaking role specific training.

3. Find or create your Unique Student Identifier (USI) at Required to receive your qualification or statement of attainment when undertaking nationally recognised training.

4. Access EMtrain to:

  • Create an EMtrain account – refer to EMtrain user guide (PDF, 2965.33 KB)
  • Complete the 3 online Foundation Courses
    • Working in Agricultural Emergencies
    • Induction into DPI Response
    • Information and Communications Management
  • Enrol in the response role training pathway for your nominated response role(s)
  • Complete all required courses to become qualified in your nominated response role(s)

Assistance for all steps is available by emailing

Gain valuable skills and be ready to contribute to emergencies

Key contacts


Emergency Operations Unit, Engagement and Industry Assistance