Sheep drench combinations, resistance and 'refugia'


Combinations of broad-spectrum sheep drenches, 'refugia' and resistance are hot topics these days in sheep worm control. On many, if not most, farms in NSW, 'multi-active' or 'combination' products can play an important role as highly effective drenches in an integrated parasite control program. An advantage of combination products is the potential to delay the development of resistance.

This Primefact provides information on the following:

  • Combinations and drench rotation
  • The 'perfect' combination
  • Naphthalophos combinations
  • Other ML-based drenches
  • Persistent drenches and Haemonchus (barber's pole worm)
  • Combinations and refugia
  • Refugia and leaving some sheep untreated.


Primefact 474

Published: Jun 2007