Biosecurity emergencies

Biosecurity emergencies are caused by pests (including locusts), diseases and weeds that adversely impact on on the economy, environment and community. Biosecurity emergencies do not include commonly occurring incidents which are within the capacity of the department to deal with.

The department under the NSW State Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN) is the appointed combat agency for biosecurity (animal and plant) emergencies and will lead other agencies in prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies affecting animals and plants, both terrestrial and aquatic.

Current situation for Biosecurity emergencies

Biosecurity hazard incident responses 2021-2022 snapshot

Biosecurity hazard incident responses 2020-2021 snapshot

Biosecurity hazard incident responses 2019-2020 snapshot

We can all play a part in preventing and preparing for biosecurity emergencies. For more information click on the links below.

Key contacts

Reporting emergenciesTelephone
Emergency plant pest reporting1800 084 881
Aquatic pests and diseases1800 675 888 (24 hour hotline)
Australian Maritime Safety Authority1800 641 792 (24 hours)
Emergency animal diseases1800 675 888 (24 hour hotline)
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