2018 NSW Farmer of the Year - Winner

Glen and Julie Andreazza

Julie and Glen are standing in their paddock

GJA Farming, Willbriggie NSW

Glen and Julie Andreazza own and manage two properties south of Griffith in the Riverina food bowl, and produce rice, wheat and, more recently, corn.

Glen left school at 16 and farming became his life’s passion, which he now shares with his son. Glen has long been connected and active in the farming community and shares his research on irrigation and technology via conferences, farm visits and industry connections.

The rising costs and unpredictable supply of water is the farm’s most significant challenge. Glen and Julie mitigate this with creative and varied solutions. They rotate crops between summer and winter to make the most of residual moisture, they recycle all water and use quick flow irrigation systems to improve profits margins and solar panels offset electricity costs.

A decision to install a bore during the Millennium drought has reaped benefits across the business. The water security during dry years is the key factor in their drought preparations, and allows them to deliver a crop every season, which strengthens their relationships with key distributors and allows them to enter into longer term contracts with confidence.

Glen and Julie are focused on reducing mental burnout by taking time out from the business and embracing the benefits of modern technology. They installed a GPS tracking system for their tractors and farm machinery so that the machinery can be scheduled to work during the night if Glen is unable to complete tasks in the day. This method brings both business, environmental and mental benefits. Glen credits the combination of technology and time for their good head space and capacity to make sound business decisions.

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