The NSW Government response to the ABARES Independent Report into rice vesting

In 2022, the NSW Government announced a five-year extension of rice vesting arrangements to 30 June 2027 for rice grown in NSW and commissioned an Independent Report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). The ABARES Independent Report into Rice Vesting Arrangements considered the broad range of issues identified by the 2021 Review and provided recommendations to the NSW Government on the best response to the 2021 Review.

The ABARES Independent Report was delivered to the Minister for Agriculture on 30 May 2023. A copy of this report is provided for download below.

The report makes eight recommendations for industry reform, which take into consideration the findings of the 2021 Review and stakeholder feedback.

These recommendations have been carefully considered by the Minister for Agriculture and the NSW Government and the Government Response is provided for download below.


The NSW Government 2021 Rice Vesting Review

The NSW Department of Primary Industries completed a review of NSW rice vesting arrangements in 2021. The Review considered whether rice vesting arrangements provided a net benefit to the industry and the wider community. Economic analysis submitted to the Review by the NSW Productivity Commission in consultation with the Centre for International Economics (CIE) contributed to the Review’s analysis along with a significant number of stakeholder contributions. A copy of the CIE analysis submitted to the Review can be found on the NSW Productivity Commission website.