New Australian native bees guide now available

16 Nov 2016

Ms Danielle Lloyd-Prichard demonstrates the new Australian native bees guide

Keeping Australia’s broad range of native bees just got easier with the release of the new Australian native bees guide, produced by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Tocal College.

NSW DPI, Education Officer Professional Development, Danielle Lloyd-Prichard said the new Australian native bees guide provides a wealth of advice on how to support and enjoy Australia’s native bees.

“The guide is co-authored by a number of Australia’s leading native bee researchers and is a valuable resource for either commercial or amateur beekeepers,” Ms Lloyd-Prichard said.

“From broadacre cropping to a small urban backyard garden, the practical guide provides advice and an insight into the world of these tiny bees to help improve our knowledge of Australia’s native bees.

“By increasing the health and abundance of Australian native bees, as crop pollinators, farmers, community groups and individual gardeners can help to create a landscape that improves yield and supports valuable pollination services now and in the future.”

Ms Lloyd-Prichard said the native bees guide provides advice on how best to build a bee hotel and, importantly, how to keep bee populations safe from parasites and predators.

“Another section covers keeping the popular native stingless bees in hives and how to propagate the colonies and harvest their delicious honey, Ms Lloyd-Prichard said.

“Also the important matter of biosecurity is covered with details on exotic pests and how to help to keep Australian bees safe.

“Interest in keeping our social and solitary native bees is growing, especially among wildlife enthusiasts, gardeners, teachers and crop growers.

“Our knowledge of Australia’s 1,600 native bee species and how to keep them is also growing, due to a band of passionate native bee researchers across the country.

“We would like to see the new guide help to inspire a new generation of native bee enthusiasts and researchers.”

To get a copy of the new Australian native bees guide or up-to-date information on short courses, bee factsheets and other information for beekeepers from NSW DPI visit

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