Dairy Industry Action Plan in Development

2 Oct 2020

Work remains underway to develop an Action Plan for the NSW Dairy Industry, with NSW Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate, Ian Zandstra currently working with the Dairy Industry Advisory Panel to finalise the draft plan for industry consultation.

Mr Zandstra said the panel has identified four key themes that will underpin the Dairy Industry Action Plan, including: confidence; skills and business resilience; stronger futures; and research, development and adoption

“We are currently developing a set of actions under each of those themes that are designed to deliver measurable gains for dairy producers across NSW, as well as the wider industry," he said.

“The panel members and I have been regularly engaged with producers throughout the development of the plan to ensure a range of views are represented and once the draft is complete I will make it available for feedback and comment.”

“The NSW Dairy Industry Action Plan will recognise the value of the dairy industry to NSW, including its contributions to the economy, regional communities and as a custodian of important agricultural land.

“I believe, and the panel believes, there is a strong future for the dairy industry in NSW, despite the challenges it has been facing in recent years.

“We are working on actions to improve confidence, build profitability and resilience in dairy farm businesses and create a stronger future for tomorrow's farmers.”

The NSW Dairy Industry Advisory Panel is an independent panel that provides advice to the NSW Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate on the development of a NSW Dairy Research and Development Investment Plan and the implementation and evaluation of the National Mandatory Dairy Code in NSW.

The panel has met every month since January 2020.

Media contact: dairyadvocate@gmail.com