Advice on weed control in winter crops for the 2024 season

20 Mar 2024

The NSW Government continues to support our State’s primary producers through long-term and ongoing initiatives such as the development of the Weed Control in Winter Crops guide.

The latest information for growers is now available, supporting decision making for a profitable cropping season, in the free 2024 Weed Control in Winter Crops management guide published by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The guide has been published early to support growers planning for sowing their winter crops and the supporting herbicide program.

New content and resources include:

  • supporting data on adoption of optical spray technology, which has seen an increase in adoption over time
  • herbicide advice for weeds specifically to faba bean, lentil and vetch crops, with each crop becoming more popular in a winter cropping regime
  • a list of new products available to the industry is listed at the front of the guide, with their use patterns included in the relevant tables in the book.

The Weed Control in Winter Crops guide can be found online at, from DPI offices or from the upcoming GRDC Grower Updates across the State.

Minister for Agriculture, Tara Moriarty said:

“The regular and reliable support provided by the Weed Control in Winter Crops management guide is available again, such as weed control methods, using herbicides successfully and reducing herbicide spray drift.

“Our growers expect publications such as this every year, which I am happy to support because more informed farmers mean more profitable farmers, and that’s great for our economy.”

NSW DPI Project Officer and Weed Control in Winter Crops author, Penny Heuston said:

“The Weed Control in Winter Crops guide is a vital resource that supports farmers to keep on top of weeds.

“Whilst a significant proportion of NSW is still experiencing drought conditions, many areas have seen widespread rainfall, helping start to set up a promising growing season.

“Planning ahead, including reviewing farm management plans using a range of information sources is critical for the cropping season this year.”

MEDIA: Alastair Walton | Minister Moriarty | 0418 251 229