NSW Agribusiness: positioned for prosperity

A rapidly expanding global population means there are more mouths to feed, and a rising middle class in Asia means more discerning palates and informed customers.

The broad opportunities to Australian agribusiness from this increasing demand is recognised. However, what’s less obvious is how well positioned Australian agribusiness sectors and regions are to take advantage of these opportunities. DPI engaged Deloitte Access Economics to investigate this very question.

The ‘growth potential’ of NSW agribusiness sectors has been assessed. In essence, this framework combines three core dimensions for each agri-sector and region of NSW:

  1. Current value of production
  2. Global demand
  3. Competitive advantage

Those agri-sectors which have the strongest combination of all three dimensions are those with the strongest potential for growth. As shown in the chart (opposite), the largest spheres to the top right of the chart are those with the greatest potential.