PigBytes is a quarterly newsletter for pork producers published January, April, July and October.

PigBytes aims to provide the pork producer with timely pig health, nutrition and management suggestions, research and regulation updates, web links of interest and any coming events.

It has evolved from a NSW state based newsletter into a collaborative newsletter between NSW DPI, Victoria DEPI and Queensland DAFF.

Issue 36, December 2017December 2017 2017PDF, 148.5 KB
Issue 35, October 2017October 2017 2017PDF, 154.8 KB
Issue 34, July 2017July 2017 2017PDF, 692.5 KB
Issue 33, April 2017April 2017 2017PDF, 214.8 KB
Issue 32, February 2017February 2017 2017PDF, 429.9 KB
Issue 31, November 2016November 2016 21 Nov 2016PDF, 234.9 KB
Issue 30, August 2016August 2016 Aug 2016PDF, 312.8 KB
Issue 29, May 2016May 2016 2017PDF, 169.1 KB
Issue 28, February 2016February 2016 2017PDF, 1.4 MB
Issue 27, October 2015October 2015 2017PDF, 1.9 MB
Issue 26, August 2015August 2015 2017PDF, 1.0 MB
Issue 25, April 2015April 2015 2017PDF, 269.1 KB
Issue 24, January 2015January 2015 2017PDF, 458.3 KB

Past issues

Past issues of the Pigbytes newsletter are available on the DPI web publication archive.

Comments and information

Comments on newsletter content or requests for information are invited. Please contact the Editor Jayce Morgan Phone 67631257 or email jayce.morgan@dpi.nsw.gov.au