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ALIC is co-located with the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) on the UNE campus. UNE also hosts ABRI and Sheep Genetics, which are the commercial providers of genetic evaluation information developed by AGBU and delivered through BREEDPLAN.

CT Scanner


ALIC has access to the following facilities at UNE:

  • Laboratories
  • Animal houses
  • Sheep and beef feedlot
  • CT scanner
  • Methane chambers
  • Pasture intake and grazing efficiency measurement facilities
Cattle research

Farming and additional facilities

Additional nearby facilities that ALIC has access to, include:

  • CSIRO Chiswick FD McMaster Laboratory (located 9 km from UNE),
  • UNE SMART farms including the Tullimba research feedlot (located 40 km from UNE), and the MLA Resource Flock and Kirby farm (5 min drive from UNE).


UNE has facilities available for use by the community, including libraries and a sport & recreation centre. Please visit the UNE website and campus map for more information.

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