Dareton Primary Industries Institute


The Dareton Primary Industries Institute is located on 243ha in the major fruit growing area of the Lower Murray Darling region, 10km from the junction of the Murray and Darling riversThe Institute is in the Coomealla irrigation area, 3km from Dareton and 10km from Wentworth (the town situated at the junction of Australia’s largest rivers — the Murray and Darling rivers). About one-third of the site’s area has soils suitable for horticulture.

This rich and progressive fruit-growing area forms part of the intensively developed Sunraysia District of New South Wales and Victoria, and the Riverland area of South Australia:

  • The main horticultural industries are grape (wine, dried and table), citrus and almonds.
  • Minor crops include avocados and pistachios. Recent major developments have occurred with the expansion of the almond industry.
  • The Institute is the site of the National Citrus Arboretum Collection and a source of high health status propagating material for the Australian citrus nursery industry. The citrus budwood and rootstock seed supply scheme is managed through Auscitrus, an independent organisation working in association with NSW DPI at Dareton.

Research at the Institute is primarily directed at improving the sustainability of citrus production and has some of the oldest citrus varieties planted in 1955 trials, along with old varieties of trees that you cannot find anywhere else in Australia.

Dareton Primary Industries Institute

Our history

Established in 1948, the Institute has a long history of research primarily focused on citrus.

Citrus trees at Dareton Primary Industries Institute

Our research

The Institute’s primary research focus is on improving the sustainability of the citrus industry.

Aerial view of Dareton Primary Industries Institute

Our facilities and services

Situated on 243 hectares of land, the Institute has a range of research, education, farming and community resources.

Weather station at Dareton Primary Industries Institute

Our climate

Located in the major fruit growing area of the Lower Murray Darling region, the Institute experiences warm summers and mild winters.


1998 Silver City Highway

Postal address:

Dareton Agricultural Research and Advisory Station
PO Box 62
Dareton NSW 2717

Phone: (03) 5019 8400

International: +61 3 5019 8400

Fax: (03) 5027 4319

Email: dareton.office@dpi.nsw.gov.au