Our history

Opened in 1990 at Camden, 60 km south of Sydney, EMAI's 1600 hectares is part of the original land granted to agricultural pioneers John and Elizabeth Macarthur in 1805. It includes the original Cowpastures where the cattle that escaped from the first fleet settled.

EMAI continues the Australian tradition of the innovative agricultural developments started by John and Elizabeth Macarthur almost 200 years ago.

Belgenny Farm, located on the EMAI site, is considered the birthplace of Australian agriculture. It is open to the public and is available for social and educational functions.

Breeding methods developed by the Macarthurs contributed to the development of the Merino sheep as we know it today. Descendants of the Macarthurs’ original Spanish Merino flock graze the paddocks at Belgenny and elsewhere on EMAI.

EMAI buildings

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