Jindabyne Gaden Trout Hatchery


The Snowy Mountains boasts some of the best trout waters in Australia. Set on 10  pristine acres on the banks of the Thredbo River, the Gaden Trout Hatchery is a short 10 km drive from the centre of Jindabyne in the NSW Snowy Mountains.

Gaden Hatchery produces quality salmonid fry, fingerlings and adult fish to stock NSW waterways for recreational fishing. Over 1 million fish are grown in this facility annually, all for recreational fishing and to ensure fishing opportunities in the future.

The facility is run by NSW DPI Fisheries.

The breeding process

Rainbow Trout broodstock are kept at the hatchery for most of the year in earth brood ponds. The fish are used to breed over two million Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon fry annually.

Ova (eggs) are obtained from female fish, and milt (semen) is taken from males - this process is known as ‘stripping’ and takes place under anaesthetic. The eggs and milt are mixed and fertilisation of the eggs occurs immediately. The eggs hatch into alevins within six weeks.

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Gaden Trout Hatchery

Our history

The hatchery has been operating in Jindabyne since the early 1950’s.

Our research

Research at the hatchery is primarily focused on rainbow and brown trout stocking in NSW.

Gaden Trout Hatchery

Our facilities and services

The hatchery has a range of research, education, farming and community resources.

Aerial view of Gaden Trout Hatchery

Our climate

Located in the Snowy Mountains in NSW, the hatchery experiences a variable climate.


224 Gaden Rd

Jindabyne NSW 2627

Phone: (02) 6451 3400

International: +61 02 6451 3400

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