Our research

Farming Systems Agronomy

Collects agronomic research data for new wheat, barley, canola, and pulse varieties that will be synthesised into management packages for the south-eastern Australian cropping region.

Cropping trials

Farming Practices

Provides the research, demonstration, advice and development required to encourage best management practice for southern NSW mixed farming. Current focus is on improvement of the feed base and reduction of the winter feed gap through inclusion of perennial grasses, weed and disease management and risk management of climate change and variability. Another major research area is the crop rotation and sequencing to make the most of the species sown plus including sheep in the experiments to ensure that results are applicable to mixed farming enterprises.

Field Crop Germplasm Development and Variety Evaluation

Working in conjunction with canola, barley, wheat and pulse breeding organisations to develop germplasm and evaluate cereal, oilseed and pulse varieties for production suitable to southern NSW.

Field Crop Protection

Conducts the plant pathology and entomology research, demonstration and advice relating to pests and diseases that limit yield and quality of crops and pastures in southern NSW. The entomology section also has a strong focus on grain storage management and monitoring chemical resistance in grain storage insects.

Canola field at WWAI

Beef Production Animal Nutrition

Develops growth prediction models for beef; assesses cereal forage, hay and silage quality; and is investigating the use of silage in production feeding systems to improve the content of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in meat.

Genetics (Molecular Biology)

Scientists conduct research on genome analysis of crop plants, and DNA barcoding to understand the complexity of biological processes and identification of agriculturally important insects, exotic arthropod pests and invasive weeds.


The National Wine & Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC), which supports the Australian wine and grape industry is a collaborative venture between NSW DPI, Charles Sturt University and the NSW Wine Industry Association. The NWGIC aims to support the development of consumer-preferred, Australian regional wine styles that will increase demand and added value of Australian wine.

Viticulture greenhouse

Cereal Science

First class ISO certified laboratory facilities for wheat and barley quality assessment and end-product evaluation of various breads, noodles, steamed products, biscuits, and barley malt quality. Research into lupin flour and alternate gluten free products.

Oil Science

The Australian Oil Research Laboratory (AORL) at WWAI is a world class accredited facility conducting research into the composition and organoleptic properties of olive oils and canola traits and has made a significant contribution to the high quality of Australian products.

Oil research lab


Conducts a range of programs to ensure the risk of animal and plant disease and pest incursion to southern NSW agriculture is minimised including monitoring, compliance and emergency management response.

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