The long term impact of Property Management Planning (Farming for the Future) in NSW


Baker and McPherson (2002) provide a clear overview of Farming for the Future (FFF) in the final report on the project in NSW. FFF was the name of the program in NSW while Property Management Planning (PMP) was the workshop series delivered within that program.

FFF finished operations in NSW as a single program in 2001. PMP and permutations of the program are still being offered by groups such as Local Land Services and NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and DPI through Tocal College. This research involved surveying participant and non-participant producers in NSW to identify the long term benefits that came from the PMP which was run from 1993 to 2001 as part of FFF.

Topics covered include:

  • Research objectives and outcomes
  • Results
  • Future concerns and interests in training
  • Provision of training
  • Recommendations
  • References


Published: Nov 2012