NSW Agriculture Commissioner

A new independent Agriculture Commissioner

The NSW Government is engaging an Agriculture Commissioner to provide independent advice to Government on strategic agricultural land use issues to inform strategic planning decisions and support a more sustainable and productive agriculture industry in NSW.

The Commissioner will Chair a pilot Farm Practices Panel, to be established by the department, to test an approach for providing authoritative guidance on acceptable farm practices by reviewing an agricultural industry code of practice, which can be used to assist in providing clarity and consistency for planning decisions and mitigating land use conflict.

The Commissioner will also provide advice to support the department to continue to work across government and progress work underway related to agricultural land use and to explore opportunities to provide clarity on the Government’s strategic approach to balancing competing policy objectives for agricultural and rural land use planning.

Former NSW Agriculture Commissioner

Report on options for an independent Agriculture Commissioner

The former Agriculture Commissioner, Mr Daryl Quinlivan, delivered a report to the NSW Government on the possible role and functions of an independent Agriculture Commissioner.

The report includes a number of recommendations based on Mr Quinlivan’s experience in the role and consultation with stakeholders. The NSW Government response to the report sets out a pathway for Government to establish an independent Agriculture Commissioner.