Weean cattle yards


The real test of cattle yard design is to see if stock walk straight into the race and are drawn to the other end without stopping.

The ‘Weean’ yard design achieves this by eliminating corners, and encourages the tendency of cattle to ‘ring’ or move in circles.

Cattle follow a curved course from the time they enter until the time they leave the yards.

The curved race fills automatically with the minimum of pushing-up, and once a beast enters the race, it follows the curve right to the end, without baulking or reversing.

Topics covered in this Primefact include:

  • features of the yard
  • construction materials
  • figure 1. Weean cattle yards – reference points and measurements.
  • summary of measurements
  • siting the yard
  • reference points for the yard plan
  • pegging out the yard
  • adapted ‘Weean’ yards


Primefact 263

Published: 01 Jul 2010