Urea roller drum mixes for cattle


Roller drums are used to supply limited amounts of urea to stock to improve dry feed utilisation. Roller drums do not supply enough nutrients when feed deteriorates in quality or quantity and generally do not supply enough nutrients for late pregnant or lactating cows.

Urea is a non-protein source that is partly converted to animal protein by the micro-organisms in the rumen of a beast—at lower cost than conventional protein sources. Such protein will help maintain bodyweight and therefore aid survival when dry stock are grazing low quality dry feed in a drought situation.

Urea is a white pelleted fertiliser containing 46% nitrogen, and is toxic to stock if consumed too rapidly. Intake should be limited to approximately 60 g urea/head/day.

This Primefact provides:

  • information on how to prepare a roller drum;
  • details of appropriate mixes and quantities to use;
  • information on urea toxicity and how to identify urea poisoning.


Primefact 272

Published: 01 Nov 2006