White cottonseed - a supplementary feed for beef cattle


White cottonseed (WCS) is the seed remaining after the ginning process. It is known as raw white or ‘fuzzy’ cottonseed as it still has some lint left on the seed. WCS can be used as a supplement to dry-standing feed to increase dry matter intake or as a component of a drought diet. It can be used as, and in, a supplement when a paddock has more than 1200 kg DM/ha of pasture.

WCS may contain residue of chemicals applied to the cotton crop during the growing season - NSW Department of Primary Industries does not recommend the use of cottonseed at more than 30% of the total dry matter intake, even in severe drought.

This Primefact includes information on:

  • feed value and problems
  • cottonseed as an alternative to urea
  • gossypol
  • the effect on bulls and calves
  • how to feed, recommendations and drought feeding


Primefact 303 Second Edition

Published: Jan 2017