Stomach fluke (paramphistomes) in ruminants


Stomach fluke (paramphistomes) are parasites of ruminants which particularly affect cattle and sheep. The flukes are often found in small numbers but only seriously affect livestock under certain conditions, in heavy infections, and in certain growth stages.

Adult flukes in the rumen (first stomach or paunch) or reticulum (second stomach or honeycomb), for instance, are not known to cause clinical disease in Australia. However, damage to the rumen due to heavy infections has been recorded. Heavy infections with immature flukes in the upper small intestine can cause serious ill-health and death.

Topics covered in this Primefact include:

  • life cycle of the stomach fluke
  • distribution
  • clinical signs
  • immunity
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • control.


Primefact 452

Published: Feb 2007