Cattle tick control in NSW


Controlling and eradicating cattle ticks is extremely important to the viability of the cattle industry in north-eastern NSW. Cattle ticks are the most serious external parasite of cattle in Australia. The tick can carry the disease ‘tick fever’, which can kill cattle and has the potential to cause significant economic damage to the beef cattle and dairy industries of NSW.

The topics in this Primefact include:

  • NSW Cattle Tick Program
  • Cattle tick dip sites

Have your say on cattle tick management in NSW

As part of a NSW Treasury review of the NSW cattle tick program, GHD Pty Ltd is undertaking an independent evaluation of how cattle tick is managed in NSW.

NSW Treasury identified this program for priority review to ensure it is achieving its intended outcomes and providing a net benefit to NSW.

The 'have your say' period for the review has now closed.


Primefact 81 Third Edition

Published: May 2020