Cattle tick - NSW entry requirements


Cattle tick (Rhipicephalus [boophilus] microplus or australis) is a significant animal health pest that is known and managed in some parts of Australia. Cattle tick causes direct production losses as well as being the vector of tick fever, a major cause of death and illness in northern Australian cattle herds. We are trying to keep it out of NSW and prevent it from impacting our beef and dairy industries.

This Primefact includes topics:

  • Background
  • What animals carry cattle ticks
  • Preventing cattle tick entering NSW
  • Cattle tick requirements for entering NSW
  • Time limits on moving a carrier following clearance
  • Feedlots specified conditions for movement following visual inspection
  • Approved agricultural shows in Queensland
  • Transit through the infested zone
  • Submitting paperwork before entering NSW
  • and more


Primefact 1556 First Edition

Published: Jul 2017